Dancing Peace Language –  was developed to create an harmonious school environment

in which all kids are equal, while  providing initial exposure to English as the main secondary international language.

DPL is about creating a positive and fun atmosphere in which all kids participate – no need

for special dance skills – Everyone can dance!

DPL  is about Exposing children to diverse rhythms through which they learns to move their

body in different ways; this  activity alone  encourages (constructive) thinking, learning and creativity.

DPL  is about Developing positive social skills. It is about creating  a universal movement language 

via common denominator. 




DPL is about developing confidence, positive self-esteem and positive body image

all through fun and laugher. These feeling of “success” at these positive experiences, encourages 

new learning and significantly contributes to the ability of absorbing new material.

DPL is about exposing children to different languages and cultures;

while providing tools to understanding these differences,we creates a harmonious atmosphere

in which we are all equally different….

DPL  is about sharing quality parent - children time, it’s about working together at both teaching and learning.

DPL uses music , dance and joy as tools to build a harmonious environment in which everyone is equally accepted, in which all walks of life are part of our one world.



DPL Implements verbal insights through familiar favorite hits. Words get physical and verbal meaning as one. 
DPL is about bringing people together.  (Parents / children of all walk of life…)
I learned that people forget what you said, people forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

(Maya Angelo, counts of American Philosophy).
DPL makes you feel the peace language through your feet.


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